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  1. Girls 
  2. You On A Good Day 
  3. No Can Do 
  4. Hanging On A Star 
  5. Side Chick 
  6. Unbreakable Heart 
  7. Sunday Rain 
  8. Every Heart Broken 
  9. Beware 
  10. Nothings As Good As You 
  11. Sound Of Goodbye 
  12. Can We Call A Truce 
  13. About You Now (Acoustic Version) 
  14. Shes Like A Star (with Taio Cruz) 

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Catfights and Spotlights (Album)

Released 20.10.08

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About this album

For their SIXTH studio album (unheard of unless you’re a rock act!) SUGABABES have teamed up with producers Steve Booker (Duffy), Klas Ahlund (Robyn), Invisible Men (who produced their last single “Denial” from the “Change” album) and Si Hulbert and Melvin Kuiters, who produced the new single.

While the ebullient ‘Girls’ gets right in-your-face with the new Sugababes agenda - ‘All independent women know/It takes a lot to run the show/I am the fire and the coal/I am a woman in control’ speaks for itself, wouldn’t you say? - other highlights from their most artful, sophisticated and eclectic collection so far provide the more subtle dimensions. Klas Ahlund brings that Swedish genius for high concept-pop to the table with the self-referential reinvention of vintage Motown on the bittersweet ‘You On A Good Day‘, and the extraordinary, darkly comic Abba-meets-street-beats drama that is ‘Every Heart Broken’, where Heidi relishes the opportunity to play the ultimate Black Widow. Amelle takes an edgy lead on Klas’s superbly creepy, G-funk-tinged ‘Beware’ and the tear-stained minimalism of ‘We Can Call A Truce‘.

The ‘Babes and Steve Booker were always going to be a perfect fit: ‘Sunday Rain’ is a torchy orchestral epic, full of melodrama and agony, and ‘Sound Of Goodbye’ sees Keisha and Booker making sweet music together. Invisible Men take the girls to the feminist funk high ground with the delicious ‘No Can Do‘, built on the tough and tender riff from rare groove masterpiece ‘Yes, Its You’ by Sweet Charles. And Hanging On A Star? Pure girl-group disco magic.

All prove that  Sugababes have taken yet another giant leap forward.  “CATFIGHTS AND SPOTLIGHTS”  explains why Sugababes have such staying power, and why you’ll be gagging to hear albums seven and eight.

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