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  1. Wind 
  2. Ruby Love 
  3. If I laugh 
  4. Changes IV 
  5. How Can I Tell You 
  6. Tuesdays Dead 
  7. Morning Has Broken 
  8. Bitter Blue 
  9. Moonshadow 
  10. Peace Train 

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Yusuf / Cat Stevens

Teaser and Firecat (Album)

Released 13.12.06

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About this album
Following in the tradition of his previous effort, with a similar cover design and feel, Cat continued his painful journey through life. Even then, there was a sadness linked to his happy songs such as "Moonshadow", "How Can I Tell You" and "Tuesday's Dead". Our favourite school hymn was also given the treatment - how did he manage to make such a happy verse sound so sad? The answer, as we have all seen, was in himself; he was a rare songwriter but he was mostly a very troubled soul, something he seems to have resolved through his conversion to the Muslim faith. He won, we lost him.
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