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  1. Marcus Garvey 
  2. Slavery Days 
  3. Invasion 
  4. Live Good 
  5. Old Marcus Garvey 
  6. Tradition 
  7. Jordan River 
  8. Red Gold and Green 
  9. Resting Place 

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Burning Spear

Marcus Garvey (Album)

Released 12.10.06

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About this album
Anyone who has stood in the crowd before the mighty Burning Spear live experience will admit that there is none more thrilling moment than the beginning of ‘Slavery Days’. Spear yelling ‘do you remember the days of slavery?’ never fails to elicit a welcoming roar from the crowd as they recognise the start of one of reggae music’s greatest anthems. The ‘Marcus Garvey’ CD, which naturally includes ‘Slavery Days’, is actually two albums one one CD: ‘Marcus Garvey’ and it’s dub version, ‘Garvey’s Ghost’. It’s one of Spear’s earliest, and best, releases and full underlines his commitment to Rastafarianism and the teachings of Marcus Garvey in particular, all delivered with candour and a deep spirituality.
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