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  1. Riptide 
  2. Hyperactive 
  3. Addicted To Love 
  4. Trick Bag 
  5. Get It Through Your Heart 
  6. I Didnt Mean To Turn You On 
  7. Flesh Wound 
  8. Discipline Of Love 
  9. Riptide (1) 

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Robert Palmer

Riptide (Album)

Released 01.08.06

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About this album
On 1985's RIPTIDE, Robert Palmer went from being a mere successful rock musician to one of the hottest figures in the music business. With a title that could have doubled as the title of a Miami Vice episode, RIPTIDE sold by the millions. While two MTV videos facilitated the record's success, Palmer had earned it; he was in his third decade as a professional musician, and he had also written the record's smash hit "Addicted to Love".
With a drum sound that sounded as if it were recorded in God's personal recording studio, "Addicted to Love" endures as a rock classic. On this, his signature song, which revisits the love-as-illness theme he addressed "Doctor Doctor", Palmer had the satisfaction of scoring his first Number One with his own composition. The memorable video, which portrayed an immaculately coifed, Armani-clad Palmer performing in front of a wall of blase models, cementedan image of Palmer that he happily embraced. The other hugehit here, " I Didn't Mean to Turn You On", typifies the suave dance music that would become Palmer's '80s chosen style for the rest of the decade.
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