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  1. To Bring You My Love 
  2. Meet Ze Mostra 
  3. Working For The Man 
  4. C'mon Billy 
  5. Teclo 
  6. Long Snake Moan 
  7. Down By The Water 
  8. I Think I'm A Mother 
  9. Send His Love To Me 
  10. The Dancer 

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PJ Harvey

To Bring You My Love (Album)

Released 03.07.06

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About this album
The same stylistic evolution which separated DRY from RID OF ME is taken a step further on TO BRING YOU MY LOVE, PJ Harvey's fourth album. No longer relying on the guitar, bass and drum format of standard rock, Harvey takes cues from the likes of indie instigator Trent Reznor to define the new vibein alternative rock. TO BRING YOU MY LOVE's casual mix of organic and inorganic sounds replaces Harvey's earlier electric precision with a deadlier, more brooding sound.
Marking a departure for Harvey, she plays many of the instruments herself, creating a collage of sound that seemed impossible on past recordings. Where the material on those albums was built on driving guitar lines and band interaction, TO BRING YOU MY LOVE flavours dancier grooves, decorated with bass and rhythm patterns. The guitar is more orchestrated--as opposed to obvious--making TO BRING YOU MY LOVE a dramatic feat of arrangement and poise. Once again Harvey far surpasses even the most confident expectations placed upon her as a performer and songwriter, to produce a wholly original and daringalbum.
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