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  1. Natural Mystic 
  2. So Much Things To Say 
  3. Guiltiness 
  4. The Heathen 
  5. Exodus 
  6. Jammin 
  7. Waiting In Vain 
  8. Turn Your Lights Down Low 
  9. Three Little Birds 
  10. One Love / People Get Ready 
  11. Roots 
  12. Waiting In Vain 
  13. Jammin 
  14. Jammin 
  15. Exodus 

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Bob Marley

Exodus 30th Anniversary Edition (Album)

Released 19.11.07

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About this album
Island Records celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the masterpiece that is Bob Marley’s Exodus, which was originally released in June of 1977. He recorded the Exodus album in exile in the UK, having escaped an assassination attempt in Jamaica. Exodus transformed Marley’s career. A recording of extraordinary creative maturity, the album resonated with audiences around the world. In the UK alone in stayed on the chart for 56 consecutive weeks and included three massive hit singles. Bob Marley was established as the Third World’s first superstar, a legacy that survives thirty years after the album’s release.
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