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  1. Broken English 
  2. Witches Song 
  3. Brain Drain 
  4. Guilt 
  5. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan 
  6. Whats The Hurry 
  7. Working Class Hero 
  8. Whyd Ya Do It 

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Marianne Faithfull

Broken English (Album)

Released 12.10.79

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About this album
Marianne Faithfull had been effectively written off as a one- hit wonder when she reappeared in 1979 to shock everyone with this dark masterpiece. Gone was the bland choirgirl voice of "As Tears Go By", replaced by an instrument that, although ravaged by drink, drugs, and hard living, had gained in expressiveness. The music, which sounded like a synthesizer phalanx hijacked by depressed punks, was perfectly suited to these songs of disillusionment ("Ballad of Lucy Jordan") and loss (the title track). Most powerful was a "Working Class Hero" that matched John Lennon's original sneer for sneer, and an X-rated response to infidelity ("Why D'Ya Do It") that could've been torn from Bill Clinton-inspired headlines.
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