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  1. While You See A Chance 
  2. Arc Of A Diver 
  3. Second-Hand Woman 
  4. Slowdown-Sundown 
  5. Spanish Dancer 
  6. Night Train 
  7. Dust 

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Stevie Winwood

Arc Of A Diver (Album)

Released 12.10.82

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About this album
With a glorious voice that sounds as if he has just swallowed a jar of cod liver oil, Winwood has the advantage of instant recognition; add to this a musicianship that has been employed in dozens of sessions over the past four decades, andthe result is a prodigious talent that runs like a vein of gold through rock music since the Spencer Davis Group. Arc Of A Diver, released at the end of 1980 after a long period of self-imposed retreat, is a triumphant resurgence. With lyrical contributions by Viv Stanshall (the rich imagery of thetitle track) and Will Jennings, Winwood never falls into the trap of shaming the music with sub-standard words. Another musical genius.
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