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  1. Youth Of Eglington 
  2. Sponji Reggae 
  3. Sistren 
  4. Journey 
  5. Utterance 
  6. Puff She Puff 
  7. Rockstone 
  8. Carbine 

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Black Uhuru

Red (Album)

Released 09.11.81

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About this album
Reggae music just does not get much better than this. Red features bedrock vibrating bass lines, massive chunky rhythms, and some of Michael Rose and Duckie Simpson's most crucial lyrics. The Sly and Robbie production shapes a solid foundation over which the voices of Rose, Simpson, and Puma romp, implore, and call down brimstone and fire. They sing of militancy in "Youth of Eglington" and of adversity building character in "Sponji Reggae"; of enduring backbreaking work in "Rockstone" and of the simple joy of hearing a voice that you can relate to in "Utterance." This is music with a serious edge that deals with the downtrodden, the dispossessed, and the exploited. But Black Uhuru also know how to play, to bring joy and respect, and to lift the spirit. It is a tough balance to maintain, but on Red, the group is more than equal to the task.
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