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  1. Ja Funmi 
  2. Eje Nlo Gba Ara Mi 
  3. Mo Beru Agba 
  4. Sunny Ti De Ariya 
  5. Ma Jaiye Oni 
  6. 365 Is My Number/ The Message 
  7. amba/ E Falaba Lewe 

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King Sunny Ade

Juju Music (Album)

Released 18.07.03

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About this album
Quite possibly the most beautiful and influential West African record ever released internationally, Juju Music remains a revelation. With a phalanx of electric guitars that functions like a percussion section, and talking drums that sound like a gossipy Greek chorus, Nigerian juju star King Sunny Ade and His African Beats, all 20 of them, proved that African music could be as complex, dramatic, and symphonic as any European ensemble. Some thanks must go to French producer Martin Meissonier, who took the basic elements of Ade's sound--unison guitars, Yoruban drumming, seamless song medleys, and self-reflexive lyrics--and added a diverse assortment of Jamaican production techniques to heighten, deepen, and psychedelicize a sound that, with Ade's deliciously sweet vocals and the haunting strains of Demala Adepoju's Hawaiian steel guitar, was plenty wild to begin with. A masterpiece.
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