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  1. Intro / Stronger Than Me 
  2. You Sent Me Flying / Cherry 
  3. Know You Now 
  4. Fuck Me Pumps 
  5. I Heard Love Is Blind 
  6. Moody's Mood For Love / Teo Licks 
  7. (There Is) No Greater Love 
  8. In My Bed 
  9. Take The Box 
  10. October Song 
  11. What Is It About Men 
  12. Help Yourself 
  13. Amy Amy Amy / Outro 

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Amy Winehouse

Frank (Album)

Released 20.10.03

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About this album
With her debut album Frank, Amy Winehouse proves to be one of the most original, honest and brave singer/songwriters to emerge in recent years. Over the course of the 13 songs, she manages to do everything required of a classic album. This is a stark piece of work, comprising husky, frequently sexually charged vocals, painfully honest lyrics and soft trumpets, laidback beats and sparse guitar work. It seems that soulful jazz doesn't always have to be bland--it can also be playful, twisted and arrogant ("Amy Amy Amy").
"Fuck Me Pumps" charts a seemingly guilt-free act of infidelity: "What do you expect when you leave me here alone?" she asks coyly, as if by way of justifiable explanation. "You wouldn't want me to be lonely," she adds. You can't help warming to her, despite what she's saying. A unique sense of humour (how rare in music now) and a no-bull attitude make for an interesting, compelling debut. Frank? Yes, but refreshingly so. You wouldn't want her for a girlfriend, but as a life companion she may yet prove indispensable.
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