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  1. I Thought It Was Over 
  2. Fill My Little World 
  3. Won’t Go Away 
  4. Never Be Lonely 
  5. Spare Me 
  6. Without You 
  7. Turn It Up 
  8. Sewn 
  9. Don’t Make Me Sad 
  10. Join With Us 
  11. Love It When You Call 
  12. Behind The Scenes: Join With Us 
  13. Sewn - promo 
  14. Fill my little world - promo 
  15. Never be lonely - promo 
  16. Love it when you call - promo 
  17. Rose - promo 
  18. I thought it was over - promo 
  19. Without you - promo 
  20. Turn it up - promo 
  21. Join with us - promo 

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The Feeling

Come Home (DVD)

Released 17.11.08

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About this album

The Feeling are set to release their first ever DVD entitled “The Feeling – Come Home”.  It features a full live show from London’s Porchester Hall, a 50 minute documentary shot in the French Alps with 3 tracks live on the piste, and numerous extras including an interview with the band, all of their promo videos, three songs from the Feeling’s main stage performance at V Festival ’08 and Dan’s acoustic performance at the piano of “I Thought It Was Over” recorded in  Abbey Road’s legendary Studio 4.  

The documentary portion of the DVD is a film entitled ‘The Feeling On Ice’ narrated by and featuring Hollywood star and Feeling überfan Kiefer Sutherland.   The film follows the Feeling on a journey back to Meribel, a ski resort in the Alps, which was to The Feeling what Hamburg was to The Beatles.  Stop me if you’ve heard this before but in 2001 the band of friends answered an ad in the back of a music magazine for a covers band to play in the pubs and clubs of Meribel.   Dan Gillespie Sells, Richard Jones, Kevin Jeremiah, Ciaran Jeremiah and Paul Stewart got the gig and ended up buying an old Post Office van, driving from London to Meribel, where they lived in one cramped room, ski-ed all day and played two sets a night in two different bars (and carted their own gear between them).  The documentary includes live footage of the band performing outside one of  the very bars where they honed their crowd-pleasing pop skills. "That was bloody hard work, for bugger all money" says Dan. "But we did it because we loved it. And we still do."

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