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  1. On a Mission 

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Gabriella Cilmi

On a Mission (Single)

Released 07.03.10

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Gabriella Cilmi is ‘On A Mission’. Just turned 18, the Australian-Italian singer-songwriter is set to surprise a lot of people with her bold, fresh musical direction and feisty attitude: “I’m not a little girl anymore. I’ve grown up, and I’m ready to fight to get what I want.”


Gabriella Cilmi was catapulted to global fame by her worldwide mega hit,  ‘Sweet About Me’, which sold over 2 million copies, was top ten in 16 countries, viewed over 20 million times on you tube, spent 37 consecutive weeks in the UK singles chart in 2008 and was recently PRS certified the most played record of the 2009. Gabriella’s debut album ‘Lessons to be Learned’ went top 10 in over 10 countries, notching up close to a million sales. The combination of commercial punch and genuine musical spirit in one so young - Gabriella signed her first record contract at 13 years old - quickly earned Cilmi critical admiration. She won 6 Aria awards in her native Australia (including Best Female, Best Album and Single Of The Year) and was nominated for a host of illustrious awards, including a BRIT , Q, MTV Europe, Ivor Novello and Echo award. Gabriella toured the world extensively, interspersing arena dates with festival appearances, including a Pyramid Stage slot at Glastonbury 2009. 


Gabriella’s teen beauty and powerful voice may have quickly marked her out at the beginning of her career, but there was always a depth and variety about her that hinted at richer, wilder things. With the driving, space age, dance floor anthem ‘On A Mission’ (with its massive video directed by Michael Gracey), and the fresh direction of forthcoming second album ‘Ten’, Gabriella Cilmi really comes of age. Inspired by the likes of Giogrio Moroder, Blondie and Donna Summer, she has created a body of work that takes new wave and classic dance influences into poptastic future disco for the 21st century.


This coming-of-age theme is present in more than just the beats and costumes. Since she was ‘discovered’ over five years ago singing Rolling Stones covers at a Fiesta in the suburbs of Melbourne, Gabriella has lived the life of a young, single woman in a city thousands of miles from her home and family. She has been in and out of love, experienced ecstasy and heartbreak, and poured it all into songs like ‘Hearts Don’t Lie’, ‘Love Me Cause You Want To’, ‘Invisible Girl’ and ‘Surrender’.


In addition to working with Xenomania (who produced ‘Lessons To Be Learned’)  on ‘Ten’, Gabriella Cilmi has also been in the studio with the likes of US Uber producer Dallas Austin (TLC, Gwen Stefani, Michael Jackson), multi-instrumentalist Greg Kursten (Lily Allen, Little Boots, Flaming Lips), and upcoming British production team Invisible Men (Noisettes). The result ?  A collection of infectious and inspired belters with beats that will drop on dance-floors either side of the Atlantic and lead vocals made to melt radio airwaves.


Gabriella Cilmi is growing up fast. But if her new music is anything to go by, she is having a lot of fun with it. “I’ve found my inner disco diva” she explains “The whole album is about me becoming an adult, becoming stronger. I want to really switch it on, smother myself in gold paint and transform into someone else. I can’t wait to get this show on the road…”

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