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  1. See (It Doasn't Bother Me) 

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Jonathan Jeremiah

See (It Doesnt Bother Me) (Single)

Released 15.11.10

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About this album

Much lauded newcomer Jonathan Jeremiah, whose timeless songs and soulful voice have marked him out as a singer/songwriter with a rare talent, previews his highly anticipated 2011 debut album “Solitary Man” with the release on December 6th  of his new single “See”. The public will have a chance to hear Jonathan perform this beautiful string-drenched song and other tracks from the new album during his forthcoming residency at London's Borderline. The shows kick off on October 27th, with further appearances on November 10th, 23rd and a headlining date on December 6th. Jeremiah recently guested with Rumer at the hotly tipped singer songwriter’s sell-out Bloomsbury Theatre show. 


Jeremiah was born and raised in London to an Anglo-Indian father and a Tipperary born Irish Catholic mother. From an early age he listened to songs from his parent’s collections, songs by Scott Walker, Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers, among others.

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