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  1. Town Called Malice 
  2. Going Underground 
  3. # Shout To The Top (Full Version) 
  4. From The Floorboards Up 
  5. Down In The Tube Station At Midnight (Single Edit) 
  6. Peacock Suit 
  7. The Changingman (Single Edit) 
  8. The Eton Rifles (Single Edit) 
  9. Come On/Let's Go 
  10. Sunflower 
  11. Beat Surrender 
  12. Walls Come Tumbling Down 
  13. That's Entertainment 
  14. Broken Stones 
  15. Wishing On A Star 
  16. Long Hot Summer (Single Edit) 
  17. You're The Best Thing (Single Edit) 
  18. Wild Wood 
  19. You Do Somthing To Me 
  20. Hung Up 
  21. My Ever Changing Moods (Single Edit) 
  22. Speak Like A Child 
  23. Start! (Single Version) 

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Paul Weller

Hit Parade (Album)

Released 29.05.08

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About this album
Career overview of one of the most successful British songwriters of all time, Paul Weller. All of his most popular and enduring material is featured here, from his angry, heavily politicised beginnings in The Jam through to the bluesier, retro work he turned in as a solo star in the mid-90's. Includes the tracks 'Eton Rifles' and 'You Do Something To Me'.
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