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  1. Silence 
  2. Hunter 
  3. Nylon Smile 
  4. The Rip 
  5. Plastic 
  6. We Carry On 
  7. Deep Water 
  8. Machine Gun 
  9. Small 
  10. Magic Doors 
  11. Threads 

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THIRD (Album)

Released 28.04.08

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About this album
Portishead have their hugely anticipated new album, “Third”, released on April 28th through Island Records. “Third” is the band’s fourth album in total and first since 1998’s Roseland NYC live”. “Third” will be available on CD/Digital and LP Double Vinyl. See track-listing below. rn   rn In additionthe Bristol-based trio have made their special limited edition box set available to exclusively pre-order from March 18th via their website The Box Set, strictly limited to 10,000 copies worldwide, will include double vinyl album, a P-shaped 1GB USB, an etched 12” vinyl of ‘Machine Gun’, and a limited edition print from Nick Uff. The USB features the album, and the following films :- ‘Ade’s House, Machine Gun’, ‘The Rip live @ Mr Wolfe’s, ‘We Carry On’ and ‘The Truly Spectacular Universal Conference Film’. Owners of the USB stick will also receive three additional, and exclusive, bespoke content items during the year. The box set will be delivered on the morning of April 28th. rn   rn
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