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  1. Ill Never Love Again 
  2. I Just Wanna Know 
  3. I Can Be 
  4. I Dont Wanna Fall in Love 
  5. So Cold 
  6. Fly Away 
  7. Driving Me Crazy 
  8. Moving On 
  9. Come on Girl feat. Luciana 
  10. Never Gonna Get Us 
  11. Shes Like a Star 
  12. Cant Say Go 

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Taio Cruz

Departure (Album)

Released 17.03.08

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About this album

Taio Cruz’s HOT new album ‘Departure’ is OUT NOW.

The album features his banging hit single ‘Come On Girl’ as well as the massive club hits ‘I Just Wanna Know’ and ‘Moving On’ and as an exclusive to HMV  you can get your hands on a free special 2nd disc version which includes 5 tracks remixed by Bassline Godfathers Delinquent. Plus, once you’ve got the CD album you can use it here to download the hidden track ‘Stupid Superstition’ absolutely free.

Meanwhile if you are planning on seeing Taio at his sold out London Bush Hall gig on Wed night (19 Mar) he’ll be on stage at 8.30pm.

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