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  1. Intro / Guns Blazing (Drums Of Death Pt. 1) 
  2. Unkle-Main Title Theme 
  3. Bloodstain 
  4. Unreal 
  5. Lonely Soul 
  6. Getting Ahead In The Lucrative Field Of Artist Man 
  7. Nursery Rhyme / Breather 
  8. Celestial Annihilation 
  9. Knock (Drums Of Death Pt. 2), The 
  10. Chaos 
  11. # Rabbit In Your Headlights 
  12. Outro 

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Psyence Fiction (Album)

Released 23.06.03

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About this album
In the UK, where both electronica and brash guitar rock are bigger chart-toppers than in the US, artists are a lot freer about mixing the two styles. Hence UNKLE, the project of James Lavelle and illbient hero DJ Shadow. The duo puts their sampling/looping expertise to work in the service of a project that blends the best of Britrock and electronica, without sacrificing the integrity of either style. Towards this end, they're assisted by some talented friends. Radiohead singer Thom Yorke cowrote and sings "Rabbit in Your Headlights", which takes his band's sound and runs a little further afield. The Verve's Richard Ashcroft is on hand for "Lonely Soul", which links syncopated drum loops, midtempo rock, and extended orchestral sections. PSYENCE FICTION is a fresh-sounding effort that pushes the boundaries of both rock and electronica in a way that will appeal to fans of both genres.
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